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This was a journal of my progress through the book "The Purpose Driven Life"...after having read the book, I know that I've only begun to learn about God's plan for my life.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Daily Bread

Ecclesiastes 2:20 I turned my heart and despaired of all the labor in which I had toiled under the sun.

Sometimes I feel that it is all work work work, with no end in sight. I know that when I die there will be and end of these trials.

I become depressed rather easily with the state of things around me. It is something that I battle all of the time, with prayer and a sense of humor [I hope].

Today I feel so overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done. I know that I need to turn to God for help more often with these thoughts...I can't do this all on my own. I'm so thankful that I do not have to.

Christian, are you disappointed
With the world and all around?
Turn your eyes from earth to heaven,
Where true joys may be found. -Anonymous

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