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This was a journal of my progress through the book "The Purpose Driven Life"...after having read the book, I know that I've only begun to learn about God's plan for my life.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Day 38

Chapter Thirty-Eight: Becoming a World Class Christian

Worldly Christians look to God primarily for personal fulfillment. They are saved, but self centered. -Rick Warren

Admittedly, this is the type of Christian I am. I pray for my friends, family, myself...primarily those I know and see...for their happiness and health. But I have not extended my prayers or actions beyond this.

How to think like a World-Class Christian:

1. Shift from self-centered thinking to other-centered thinking.
2. Shift from local thinking to global thinking.
3. Shift from "here and now" thinking to eternal thinking.
4. Shift from thinking of excuses to thinking of creative ways to fulfill your commission.

Many people have missed God's plan for their lives because they have never even asked God if he wanted them to serve as a missionary somewhere. -Rick Warren

I am completely open to the idea of serving as a missionary somewhere. I have prayed about this, and while I am intrigued and excited at the possibility, I know that mission work needs to be done here as well. I hope some day that the opportunity to be a missionary will present itself.

If you want to be like Jesus, you must have a heart for the whole world. You can't be satisfied with just your family and friends coming to Christ. -Rick Warren

I know that this is true...and that fact that some of my friends have not come to Christ worried me...saddens me.

Point to Ponder: The Great Commission is MY commission.

Verse to Remember: Psalm 67:2 Send us around the world with the news of your saving power and your eternal plan for all mankind.

Question to Consider: What steps can I take to prepare to go on a short-term missions experience in the next year?

I can inquire with my church on whether there are any opportunities. In fact, I have already...but my main 'excuse' is lack of finances. I really feel that if God wants me to go, he will present the opportunity to will fall into place. Right now is not the right time--of course this blog is an opportunity for me to reach people far away as well. I hope that I am.

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