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This was a journal of my progress through the book "The Purpose Driven Life"...after having read the book, I know that I've only begun to learn about God's plan for my life.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Day 39

Chapter Thirty-Nine: Balancing Your Life

Your life is a pentathalon of five purposes, which you must keep in balance:

1. You were planned for God's pleasure, so your purpose is to love God through worship.

2. You were shaped for serving, so your purpose is to show love for others through ministry.

3. You were made for a mission, so your purpose is to share God's message through evangilism.

4. You were formed for God's family, so your purpose is to identify with his church through fellowship.

5. You were created to become like Christ, so your purpose is to grow to maturity through disciplship.

-Rick Warren

You can keep your life balanced and on track by joining a small group for accountability, by regularly evaluating your spiritual helath, by recording your progress in a personal journal, and by passing on what you learn to others. -Rick Warren

Jesus modeled a purpose-driving life, and he taught others how to live it, too. That was the "work" that brought the glory to God.

Today God calls each of us to the same work. Not only does he want us to help others do the same. God wants us to introduce people to Christ, bring them into his fellowship, help them grow to maturity and discover their place of service, and then send them out to reach others, too.

This is what purpose-driven living is all about. Regardless of your age, the rest of your life can be the best of your life, and you can start living on purpose today. -Rick Warren

I find it amazing how well this point hits home. I often become discouraged over the sins I have committed, and the mistakes I have made, but God allows me to pick myself up and start again...and to do better with the knowledge gained from my mistakes. No matter how old I get, I can start again. I think of all the years I wasted in denial of my creator and I wonder what could have been made of my life had I listened to the truth earlier on. But that doesn't actually matter...because my experiences were explicitly for me so that I could come to Christ at the precise moment that I that I could read this book and gain insight as to what to do with what I know now.

Point to Ponder: Blessed are the balanced.

Verse to Remember: Ephesians 5:15 Live life with a due sense of responsibility, not as those who do not know the meaning of life but as those who do.

Question to Consider: Which o fthe four activities will I begin in order to stay on track and balance God's purpose for my life?

I have already begun to write my progress...part of it is this blog. I am hopefully sharing my experience with others..though I don't know if very many people read this journal or not. And I am starting to form a small group to meet at my home once every other week for accountability. I think that I evaluate myself often, but I know that I should do so more often. I suppose that I need to just be diligent in all activities and form lasting habits.

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