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This was a journal of my progress through the book "The Purpose Driven Life"...after having read the book, I know that I've only begun to learn about God's plan for my life.

Thursday, November 17, 2005


One of Kimi's favorite places is our church. Often, when we get into the car, she will ask "Are we going to church"?

And on those occasions, such as Sunday morning, or Wednesday evening, I can answer her with a firm "yes".

She is excited to go. I am happy to take her.

Yesterday we spent 3 hours before the evening Bible study, decorating the welcome center for the children's ministries. The girls and I had a lot of fun. My intention was to go to church, decorate, return home to get my books and have dinner, and then go back to church.

The decorating took longer than I anticipated, which would have left me only about 30 minutes to get home, make dinner, and return.

We had dinner at the church. It was very nice.

Afterwards I was going to run back home and get my books for the Bible study, as well as pick up the Mary Kay order on my table to deliver to a lady who I would see after the classes. But Kimi had other plans. She wanted to go to her classroom.

She hasn't really ever wanted to go to her classroom on a Wednesday night. She had been giving me a hard time about it for the past few weeks. However, she saw one of her teachers, and became excited, pointing him out. I immediately felt bad, not wanting to break the moment for her...since she seemed so excited.

So, when I tried putting on her jacket, she threw a royal fit. Crying and wailing that she wanted to go to her classroom.

I conceded. I had reservations about going all the way back home anyway, torn between allowing Kimi time to play with the other kids in the gym before the classes started, and braving the wintery wind (and burning up precious gas) to get my book and the Mary Kay order. I really didn't want to share, and I wanted to get this lady her order.

When the classes were starting, I handed Kimi over to her teacher and then went to my room and sat down. Then, about 2 minutes later (after explaining that I left my book at home) I see my husband at the door, delivering my books! Wow! I was really happy about that. I really couldn't get over the fact that he came home from work, and then picked up my books and brought them to me.

Then, after the class I learned the the woman whose order I wanted to pick up, didn't attend the classes anyway!

Thinking back on it, I am glad that I had reservations, and I am glad that I conceded to Kimi's protests...

God was then able to show me that my husband really does care for me, and once again He has everything under control.

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