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This was a journal of my progress through the book "The Purpose Driven Life"...after having read the book, I know that I've only begun to learn about God's plan for my life.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Alot to Pray For

In answer to my prayer for more involvement with our church community, I am finding myself happily connecting with others from our church.

Right now I volunteer once a week at the church helping the Director of Children's Ministries.

I have joined a Bible study on Wednesdays.

We are attending church on Sunday regularly.

I really feel that we are getting back on track with God. There is no doubt that we strayed.

I think it was a harder transition for my husband, but he is meeting people as well, and slowly we are making Trinity our home church.

Kimi even exclaims "church church" when we pull up to the driveway.

There are a lot of nice ladies in my Bible study. Two of whom I could see myself becoming good friends with. I see myself in them, though at different stages of my life. They are both older than me, one more than the other.

Zac has really become more secure with God and church since we have started attending this church. He is identifying with some of the kids that attend, and it is good. I'm hoping that this will provide a strong foundation for all of my children.

However, now that I have become more involved, I feel that I have an even bigger responsibility of sharing His word with others, especially my friends and family. I don't feel comfortable with myself by being idle, or hiding God's influence in my life.

How ungrateful would that be, after He has given me SO MUCH.

I have a lot of prayer requests...

  • For my good friends T. and N. I pray that T's mother receives good results with from her surgery, and that she will experience better health, and that God will give her strength to live a healthier happier life.
  • For T to be able to provide for his family the way that he wants. And to find happiness in that role.
  • For my grandma, that she is able to move to a place that she can be happy and experience peace in these later years of her life. And that if she has not already, to come to Christ and realize that He is the only way.
  • For my husband who continually struggles with the politics and stress of his job. That he finds comfort in his family, and that his job continues to provide us a means to live in our home and allows me to stay home with the children until such a time that it is right for me to go back to work.
  • For the salvation of my friends and relatives who are not yet saved.
  • For the ladies in my Bible study, with their personal struggles, and for clarity throughout the study so that we may receive each of our individual messages from God and grow in His word as he intends.
  • For the adoption process that we are endeavoring with Kimi. I pray that Kimi's paternal father does not contest the adoption and that we are granted this opportunity to make our family a legal union.
  • I pray that we are given the strength and wisdom to be better stewards of all that God has blessed us with, our children, our finances, our marriage.

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